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About Us

Who We Are? & What We Are Doing?

Chilture is a social enterprise committed to developing, fostering and promoting Chinese disability arts and crafts alongside with exploring and disseminating the inspiring spirit behind them, which all serve as a bridge for communication linking Oriental culture and its counterparts from the international community. was founded on February 14, 2009 in Beijing, is set up as an online shop under the name of Chilture Studio of Disabled Artists to meet the need of supporters of our excellent studio artists and craftsmen to bring home the inspiring Oriental arts and crafts, thus in turn realizing and enhancing the value of life for disabled artists; while Chilture Studio of Disabled Artists offline engages in Open Day to our physical studio, artist-to-artist and artist-to-supporter communication and instructions, exhibitions, brochures, e-journals, and suchlike.


It is our desire to provide customers with inspiring highest quality works at the most competitive prices, consistent with good service!


Why Choose Chilture?

1. Inspiring Disability Arts & Crafts: All artworks and crafts you buy from Chilture are created and handmade by Chinese artists and craftsmen with professional standards. By buying inspiring artworks and crafts from Chilture, you acknowledge their work as a true work of art and help bring a better life to our disabled artists and motivate them to go further.


2. Custom-made: Every piece of artwork and craft can be customized in terms of size, color, art form, subject matter, etc. so that it’s totally you.


3. Arts for Life: We are dedicated to providing all art products closely related to everyday life at affordable prices.


4. Significant Oriental Culture: All artworks and crafts you buy from Chilture are deeply steeped in Chinese culture, significantly influencing all oriental cultures in Asia.


5. 100% Handmade: All artworks and crafts are 100% handmade, and you buy them from Chilture feature the art of China with thousands of years of history and a constant succession in techniques and forms.


6. Free Express Shipping: We promise free express shipping worldwide for all purchases which averagely takes 3-5 workdays from delivery to arrival ( for orders over $88).


7. Always Discounts: We do our best to lower the cost and offer you the lowest price possible for every piece of artwork and craft you purchase from us.


Studio Members at Work


chinese calligraphy disabled artistchinese disabled calligrapher

chinese disabled painterchinese painting disabled artist

engraving engraved giftsengraving engraver


About Chilture Logo

disability art of chilture

The shape of heart symbolizes the self awareness, self existence and self value of the disabled artists and performers; meanwhile, it also indicates the recognition, support and love of the public towards them along with their arts.


Within the shape of heart is the Chinese character "peace chinese character" or harmony / harmonious in English, which stands for Chinese culture and the state of mind, reached through the arts, creativity and appreciation, and via mutual understanding, cooperation and support of people with and without disabilities.


Chilture Mission

Develop and nurture talented disabled artists;

Promote and cultivate disability in the arts;

Foster inclusion in society through the arts;

Facilitate disability art communication between China and the world;

Identify the meeting points of disability arts from home and abroad;

Explore global market for disability in the arts.


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