Balance, Ping Heng Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll

Balance, Ping Heng Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll
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  • Model: VWC0004
  • Created by Artist: Shouxing Wang
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This is not a Print! This custom 'Balance / Equilibrium / Ping Heng' Chinese calligraphy wall scroll art work is created by our talented disabled artist.


Approximate Measurements:
Length of Silk Scroll: 48.2" (122cm)
Width of Wooden Scroll Roller: 18.6" (47cm)


About 'Balance / Ping Heng' Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll Artwork


Traditional or Simplified Chinese Characters & pinyin

Balance chinese letters


This Chinese phrase means: 1.balance; equilibrium; poise; equation; equipoise poise; to keep one's balance; 3.yin-yang balance: the state in which yin and yang are balanced.


How to Balance Yin and Yang?

If you are seeking an alternative or supplement to Western medical treatment modalities, consider those of the Far East. Oriental medicine continues to grow in popularity and be acknowledged with acclaim and respect from the larger global medical community. One of the essential concepts of health and healing with Chinese medicine is the need to maintain balance between yin and yang.


1. Understand the basic Chinese concept of opposing forces which flow through every living thing and must be held in balance for harmony and health. Yin is dark, negatively charged feminine energy and yang is light, positively charged masculine energy. This concept is symbolized by two swirling figures, one black and the other white, within a circle. As nothing is considered completely black or white, you will see a small circle in the opposing color within each figure.


2. Determine the nature of your imbalance, as any disruption in equal flow of yin and yang will cause confusion, health problems and even anxiety. An overabundance of yin may cause you to feel listless, cold or weak and may eventually lead to chronic illnesses that result from some sort of deficiency. On the other hand, too much yang will cause you to feel hot and hyperactive often causing insomnia, headaches and even constipation.


3. Access and utilize numerous methods for correcting yin and yang imbalances. Oriental medicine practitioners will recommend herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping, Gua Sha (firm rubbing of the skin), and exercise such as Tai Chi or yoga to effectively restore balance and wellness. Your method of seeking and selecting alternative therapies should not differ from how you obtain any other type of health care services. The practitioner should have formal training and certification in Oriental medicine and satisfactorily meet your needs and expectations as an empowered consumer.


4. Balance yin and yang through nutrition changes, ensuring that you eat a well balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables which contain "hot" and "cold" energy and help to balance energetic disruptions. Fatty foods, processed and packaged foods, chemical preservatives, drugs, tobacco, alcohol and large amounts of caffeine are all energy blockers and can disrupt the balanced flow of yin and/or yang.


5. Practice methods of meditation and relaxation which not only help you to recognize when an imbalance is present, it will help you to control the flow of energy and keep yin and yang in harmony. Whether you practice walking meditations, write in a journal, play a musical instrument or go to a spa regularly, any form of relaxation which quiets the mind and body to relieve daily stress and tension will help you to balance yin and yang.


About Talented Disabled Artist Shouxing Wang


chinese-disabled-calligraphy-artistShouxing Wang, who lives with paralysis from the waist down, is an accomplished disabled Chinese calligrapher of traditional Chinese brush calligraphy, thought of as the highest form of art in China and widely practiced and revered in Sinophere. Being confined to a wheelchair in a small village in Eastern China for decades, Shouxing has been determined to teach and establish himself as a great Chinese calligrapher.


"Initially, practicing calligraphy lifted me out of the pain of losing legs, brought me consolation and gave me courage to face various difficulties in life, and I found new hopes. Now I believe in my future and I shall work harder and promote the calligraphy art form." he said. When he was interviewed by journalists with famous media and asked what it was like to practice calligraphy these years.


Shouxing writes with a brush, ink and an inkstone (used to mix the ink) on rice paper and is versed in all the five main scripts of Chinese characters: seal script (zhuanshu), clerical script (lishu), semi-cursive or running script (xingshu), cursive or grass scrip (caoshu) and regular script (kaishu).


How to Create Your Balance / Ping heng Chinese Characters Calligraphy Wall Scroll Art Works


chinese-disabled-calligraphy-artistmounting-chinese-calligraphy-artchinese calligraphy art wall scrollchinese calligraphy wall scroll

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