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Chinese Calligraphy Art

Asian Calligraphy Art Wall Scrolls & Portraits Gallery


Our Chinese calligraphy art wall scrolls / Japanese kanji calligraphy wall scrolls are 100% hand-painted by talented Disabled Artists! This is not a print!


Chinese Calligraphy Art wall scroll by disabled artistsThere is no wonder Japanese kanji calligraphy also originates from Chinese calligraphy art, with a slight difference of Japanese kanji used in Japanese art calligraphy from Chinese calligraphy symbols. Historically, Chinese Characters are originated in China and older than those in Japanese. Although Japanese and Chinese speak different languages, there is no doubt that writing system used by Japan is originated from Chinese. Chinese writing system was introduced to Japan at five or six century A.D. Japan made supplementation to the writing system of hiragana and katakana based on Chinese writing system. Chinese calligraphy art is a combination of mind and strength. Through five thousand years of evolution, the Chinese calligraphy symbols have mainly taken five forms in history: seal script (zhuanshu), clerical script (lishu), semi-cursive or running script (xingshu), cursive or grass scrip (caoshu) and regular script (kaishu). All five scripts employed in Chinese calligraphy art are available for you to have your art personalized chiefly on Xuan paper, or rice paper, in the form of Chinese calligraphy scroll, or Japanese calligraphy scroll.


There are some disabled calligraphers who are currently working in our work team. Artists said they thought the display was an opportunity to let people know what one can do with the desire to create true art works, despite having a physical hardships problem. Each purchase will be hand-signed by our talented artists and related greetings and other short messages can also be included into your Chinese calligraphy hangings as requested in your order.


Every Chinese character is an epic scroll, which can be unfold for further investigation or rolled up for easy carriage. If the walls in your spacious lobby used to be bare but now it could be decorated with Chinese calligraphy hangings. The Chinese wall scroll and Japanese wall scroll are great for anyone studying Chinese or Japanese, or whoever just likes the soothing elegance of expertly written Chinese calligraphy symbols / Japanese calligraphy symbols. If you are looking for a Chinese calligraphy scroll or some Japanese calligraphy scrolls in Chinese characters / Japanese kanji calligraphy, so what are you waiting for?


Chinese Calligraphy Art Wall Scrolls for sale


There are quick links to Chinese wall scroll or Japanese wall scroll in calligraphy Words, Subjects, Proverbs, Idioms, Phrases, Teachings below. If there is anything you like, add them into your cart please. If you don't find the Japanese kanji or Chinese characters you want, you can click "Custom Writing" to create your personalized Chinese calligraphy art work, or Japanese kanji calligraphy scrolls by our disabled artists. We'll be happy to do virtually any word on a custom basis.


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