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Chilture Inspires

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Chilture inspires our supporters/customers by reaching you with personalized and one of a kind oriental art works created by our talented Chinese artists and craftsmen alongside with the stories happening between you-our dedicated customers-and Chilture from the start to the end of acquiring and appreciating the art pieces from Chilture. In this regard, you’re very welcome to email us to your favorite pictures of the art works by our disabled artists once you receive them as well as your thoughts as to how you get inspired, and even a brief introduction to your business if any. This space is created to know what you think of Chilture and our art and artists so we can get encouraged and improve at a fasted pace, and perhaps more importantly to get your business and cause better exposed through Chilture.



Lon Clark Shares the Story of the Chilture Artists


classical chinese nude art oil painting on canvas


"I am pleased to share my Classical Chinese Girl nude art which I framed and hung in a prominent place in my home. This painting, as well as the others I have purchased from you, bring culture and beauty into my space. The quality is exceptional, and visitors to my home are always drawn to my paintings with great interest. I am pleased to share with them the story of the Chilture artists. Thank you for your service to the world. "


---- Lon Clark












Chilture Inspires Ennis Black Belt Academy



Winners of 6th Annual Invitational Tournament of Ennis Black Belt Academy, the USA


"I want to thank you again for the beautiful scroll for my birthday. The other scrolls were a big hit at my tournament. I have attached a picture of the winners of the forms competition who received the scrolls. I look forward to doing business with you again."


---- Master Jackie Self

Black Belt Academy´╝îUSA







Calligraphy art scroll by Chilture disabled artist for the four winners


hill petterson gracie kestenbaum

The Winners in Competition ( from left to right ): Mary Hill, Mike Peterson, Gracie Silva, David Kestenbaum


The fortitude, perseverance and valiancy shown in the moves of the winners just accord with those of Chilture’s disabled artists in the process of pursuing their dreams. We hope the spirit of the artists of Chilture will inspire these winners and other members of Ennis Black Belt Academy alike to achieve higher goals in their life.


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