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Chilture Cares

Ways to Give - How You Can Help in Your Community


chilture caresAccording to UN estimates, there are 650 million people with disabilities all over the world. They are the world’s largest minority. Eighty percent live in developing countries. There are over 85 million people with disabilities in China, they accounted for 6.34% of the total population. In China, there are not only a lot of famous Chinese healthy artists but also many talented disabled artists. Open the door of oriental art to let every disabled artist shine. Meanwhile, your supports our talented Chinese disabled artists and their families as well as assists Chilture in finding and helping more people with disabilities to achieve their dreams in days to come.


Chilture Cares is initiated to provide services both online and offline to members of Chilture Studio of Disabled Artists and those who identify with disability arts alike.


The online services consist of setting up and helping join the online Chilture Studio of Disabled Artists as well as the online Chilture Community of Disabled Artists, where opportunities and services extend to blogging, consultancy, media opportunities, articles to name a few. And the services offline span events like Open Day (when our disabled artists and performers are invited to meet their supporters, display art works and performances, exchange experience and provide instruction on site), exhibitions, training, seminars, brochures, E-journals, and suchlike.


Introduce artist career of Chinese artists with disabilities, and help them present their created artworks & handicrafts, like oriental calligraphy painting art. Through our work and friends around the world who are concerned about the problems of people with disabilities we can help them fight against their physical inconvenience as well as help them seek their own dream in their beloved art fields.


In addition to that, with your help Chilture can make more disabled artists enjoy greater social acceptance. Thus, these artists can create freely and by doing this encourage other disabilities to take a new lease of life. From now on, we will launch series of activities to search for those talented artists with disabilities, listen to those unusual experiences and stories behind them and show their excellent artistic works on Chilture Community of Disabled Artists ( or Chilture Studio of Disabled Artists ( through which they are learned and enjoyed by friends worldwide.


Chilture Fund


Chilture finds talented disabled artists to achieve their dream and improve their living standards. For every artwork sold, there will have 10% of proceeds from each sale go back to the fund of Chilture Cares dedicated to helping tap, train and financially support countless talented Chinese disabled artists, and Chilture Fund be used to help ordinary people with disabilities as well.


Chilture Brochure




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