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Chinese Paintings

This is not a print! All fine Chinese paintings wall scrolls art works are 100% hand-painted by our talented artists!


Chinese Paintings Wall Art Scrolls for sale
We were invited to the exhibition in Italy, this Chinese brush painting is RuYi (As Your Wishes) created by our disabled artist Shuai Liu. Please go to our Community to view more info about this event.


Chinese art stresses the harmony between Man and Nature, which is an important part of Chinas traditional culture. Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting are of common origin and interact each other. Just as oil painting on canvas and sculpture dominant the western arts, Chinese brush painting and calligraphy embody the essence of Chinese fine arts.


Our personalized Original traditional Chinese brush paintings, or ink and wash paintings, which mainly work with the styles below: the meticulous style, or elaborate style or the Court style and the freehand style or Shuimo (water and ink) style. The subjects span landscapes, figures, portraits, animals, plants and flowers, philosophy, Buddhism, etc. The Chinese art paintings are finished chiefly on xuan paper, or rice paper and alternatively on silk with brushes in various sizes and black or colored ink, and mounted Chinese scrolls paintings.


Each purchase will be hand-painted by our talented painters and relative greetings and other short messages can also be included into your Chinese painting scroll as requested in your order.



If the walls in your spacious lobby used to be bare but now could be decorated with artwork by artists who have experienced physical hardships, great for anyone studying Chinese art, if you are looking for Chinese scroll painting hanging, wall art, so what are you waiting for?


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