Disabled Artists

Inspiring Background Stories of Our Talented Chinese Disabled Artists:


Our Asian artworks and crafts are created by Chinese disabled artists and craftsmen yet we see art beyond disability. We believe disability just drives our talented artists and craftsmen to create ever better and quality works of art that feature their unique understanding and profound perspectives towards art and contains their solid life experience.


Self-Help, Not Charity: We have received some donation offers kindly from our supporters in recent years but they were all turned down. Why? As our disabled artists and performers keep telling us they think life on the dole bring sadness to the soul. They prefer to see their pieces being appreciated and purchased worldwide. That's a way you make our artists feel more fulfilled and recognized. So you may want to visit The Studio of them online or offline and bring home their inspiring pieces with several clicks.


Click below image to know how disabled artists overcome disability to become talented artists, and even masters of art!


Chilture is always looking for new artists, if you want to join us, please feel free to contact us (info@chilture.com)

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