Dragon in Chinese Character Calligraphy Wall Scroll

Dragon in Chinese Character Calligraphy Wall Scroll
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  • Model: CSCS0001
  • Created by Artist: Shouxing Wang
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This is not a Print!  "Dragon" Chinese character calligraphy wall scroll art work is handmade by our talented disabled artist.


This In-Stock Artwork Ships Within 24 Hours (1 workday)


About 'Dragon' Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll Artwork


Approximate Measurements:
Length of Silk Scroll: 67.8" (162cm)
Width of Wooden Scroll Roller: 26.4" (67cm)


Traditional or simplified Chinese Characters and pinyin

Dragon long chinese character pinyin  chinese character dragon (lóng)


dragon chinese symbol calligraphy art dragon chinese calligraphy scroll

Close up view of this "dragon" Chinese calligraphy art and mounted highest quality silk gold scroll.

Chinese Calligraphy Style

English: Running-Grass Script

Mandarin: Xing-Caoshu


Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore. In Chinese art, dragons are typically portrayed as long, scaled, serpentine creatures with four legs. In yin and yang terminology, a dragon is yang and complements a yin fenghuang ("Chinese phoenix").


Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. With this, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power and strength.


In Chinese daily language, excellent and outstanding people are compared to the dragon while incapable people with no achievements are compared with other, disesteemed creatures, such as the worm. A number of Chinese proverbs and idioms feature references to the dragon, for example: "Hoping one's son will become a dragon" (i.e. be as a dragon).


While depictions of the dragon in art and literature are largely consistent throughout the cultures in which it is found, there are some regional differences. The remainder of this article deals with aspects common across cultures, as well as features peculiar to cultural China.


About Talented Disabled Artist: Master Shouxing Wang


chinese-disabled-calligraphy-artistHow many years does it require to be a great master of Chinese brush calligraphy? 20 to 30 years. Shouxing Wang is from a village in Shandong China and actively lives with paralysis from waist down for nearly thirty years. To fight fate, he developed an interest in Chinese calligraphy art, which is believed to have a very similar effect to Chinese Taichi, cultivating the mind and morality. Now after nearly thirty years of practice, Mr. Wang has won various art competitions and can skillfully master all scripts of Chinese character calligraphy, namely, zhuanshu(seal script), lishu(clerical script), kaishu(regular script), xingshu(running script/semi cursive script) and caoshu(cursive script/grass script).


In addition to Chinese calligraphy art, Master. Wang is also a big fan of various kinds of musical instrument, such as erhu and flute. Master. Wang said, “Life is not fair but you make it fair with your effort and attitude.”


"Initially, practicing calligraphy lifted me out of the pain of losing legs, brought me consolation and gave me courage to face various difficulties in life, and I found new hopes. Now I believe in my future and I shall work harder and promote the calligraphy art form." he said. When he was interviewed by journalists with famous media and asked what it was like to practice calligraphy these years. View More Story


If you want to personalized write "dragon" in Chinese character calligraphy on wall scroll, our talented artist is able to create your Chinese calligraphy art in five calligraphy styles. Start Customizing It Here!


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