Engraved Dragon Glass Mug / Beer Mug

Engraved Dragon Glass Mug / Beer Mug
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Beer Mugs / Steins
  • Model: EG0009
  • Created by Artist: Bin Yin Team
Price:   $14.88
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Engraved dragon glass mug / beer mug with Chinese dragon design by talented Chinese disabled engraver.


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engraved dragon beer mug

Top dia:7.4cm, H:22cm, Base dia:6.9cm


This Engraved Dragon Glass Mug is a fabulous one of a kind Gift made perfectly for anyone. Grandma, Grandpa, Mom or Dad will enjoy every sip from this beautifully engraved glass cup filled with their favorite drink. Buy this mug for any special person in your life and surprise them on a birthday, Christmas or any wonderful occasion.


About Engraved Glass Mug Design


engraved dragon glass mug

The Chinese dragon is a spiritual beast; a mythical creature with a long, snakelike body and sharp talons. Its image differs slightly to that of the Western dragon, being considered a sacred creature: a god that reigns over direction. In China, it is also used to symbolize the power of the emperor. The Chinese dragon is believed to control the weather, being responsible for causing tempests, lightning, and tornadoes. In its hand it holds a flaming pearl, thought to be harbinger of fortune and good luck. Feng Shui principles state that if you place a dragon ornament in the southeast corner of a building with a container of water, a dragon will come down to drink the water, improving your fortune in business and causing trade to flourish. Also a symbol of strength, the dragon is said to invite all kinds of luck. Leaving a dragon at the entrance to a building, on the right as you enter a room, or in the north corner is said to increase your luck in terms of wealth and love.


Want to Have a Personalized Engraved Glass Mug?


If you would like to personalize this dragon glass mug / beer mug with a different pattern and don’t mind paying a small amount of extra money, please Click Here to customize.


The Inspiring Engraving Art - About Talented Disabled Engraver: Bin Yin


talented disabled engraverengraved ceramics gift

What are the steps needed for my engraved gifts? Design the pattern on a computer, wrap the glassware or ceramics with a thin piece of film and steep it into water for exposure, develop the film with a spray lance and finally sandblast it wearing a thick mask to protect against the fine particles.


Who did it? Our disabled Chinese engraver Bin Yin. Born with deformed arms and hands yet he’s talented in fine arts, design and sculpture. Through over a decade of his experience in the fields of modeling, art glass engraving, crystal engraving gifts and the research and development, design and refined sculpture of jewels and jades, Bin has developed and invented his own style of engraving on glassware and ceramics. Bin’s motto is “Engrave life with heart and paint future with love.” View More Story >>

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