Glorious Future Large Chinese Horses Painting Wall Scroll

Glorious Future Large Chinese Horses Painting Wall Scroll
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Horse Painting
  • Model: CPHP0003
  • Created by Artist: Mojun Da
Price:   $200.00  $168.88
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This is not a Print! Original running horse painting artwork is hand-painted by our talented artist.


About This Large Chinese Horses Painting Wall Scroll Artwork


Glorious Future chinese characters

Glorious Future


Approximate Measurements:
Length of Silk Scroll: 78.74” (200cm)
Width of Wooden Scroll Roller: 34.25” (87cm)


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Close up view of this original horse art in Chinese painting


It’s amazing what one brush stroke can convey in Chinese scroll painting!

There are two hores, a white horse and red horse painted on handmade xuan paper, they have different colors and graceful movements. The first four characters nearby horses painting mean one's future as beautiful as brocade (jǐn xiù qián chéng in Chinese pinyin). The others on the right are the personal inscription of our artist’s signature and time of creation.


As one of the symbols in the Chinese zodiac animals, the horse sign is equated with Gemini. Horse symbolizes energy in Buddhist religion. This strong animal also played a crucial role in the dominance and development of the Chinese Empire.


In Feng Shui, horse is used to symbolize movement and power. It is normally used by people who would like to travel. Special technique is used to place a horse in order to aid an application for visa or emigration. A horse sculpture or painting can be placed near, or on an executive’s desk to reinforce his image as a dynamic and powerful man, but it should not be headed toward the window or door.


Horses in full gallop represents the speedy arrival of your good fortune. Horse paintings contain the Yang energy and element of Fire. It is best placed in the living and family areas, (often placed in the south part of living room). Displaying a horse that is rearing up is not recommended, particularly if it’s directly behind or directly confronting you, as this may cause you accidents as well as physical problems related to the limbs.


chinese horses painting scroll hanging

Close up view of Chinese horse painting art mounted to this beige silk brocade and high quality of wall scroll.


A Horse Poem
--- by Li He (790–816)
The sands in the vast desert look like snow.
The moon over Yanshan is a mere hook.
When will that horse take on a golden bridle
And, treading on a limpid autumn, gallop?


* Li He (Li Ho), courtesy name Changji, was a short-lived Chinese poet of the late Tang Dynasty, known for his dense and allusive use of symbolism, for his use of synecdoche, for his vividly imaginative (and often fantastic) imagery, and for his otherwise sometimes unconventional style of poetry. However, these qualities lead to a revival of interest in him and his poetry in the twentieth century.


* Yanshan: Mountains: Mountains outside Beijing.


Note: Avoid hanging horses painting in toilets and kitchen. They symbolize stables in the olden days and it means to have your horses grounded.


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