Hand Woven Corn Husk Storage Container / Basket

Hand Woven Corn Husk Storage Container / Basket
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Corn husks feature long fiber, good elasticity and white and clean color as an ideal material for weaving. Only the white, thin and soft ones are peeled off while harvesting corns and are then air-dried instead of being exposed to direct sun to avoid getting yellow and crispy. Further processed to get whiter, softer and vermin-proof.

For an idyllic touch of a room, you get to utilize containers in natural material to store your articles. 


What can I store with it?

Virtually whatever, such as books and magazines, remote controls, food, toys, dried bouquets, odds and ends, and much more.


【Material】 Corn husk with cotton fabric lining
【Size】 Top Diameter ≈ 26cm (10.24"), Bottom diameter ≈ 20cm (7.87"), Height ≈ 9cm (3.54")
【Note】 Color variations occur; Real items are deeper in color; Hand measured size differences are normal and just for reference; The white handles and wires are covered with paint, liable to coming off for improper use.
【Tips】 Cleansing: Use a brush or wet piece of cloth; Natural corn husk. Elaborately hand woven. Sturdy and environment-friendly. Soft, elastic and good ventilation.


Why Corn Husk Weaving?


Natural, pollution-free and environment-friendly;
Entirely handmade woven storage containers / baskets from husks of corn by Chinese craftsmen;
Intricately woven crafts with personalized designs and patterns;
Designed for use in various circumstances of life and work.


100% Guaranteed Craftsmanship


About Inspiring Story of the Talented Chinese Disabled Craftsman: Heping Peng



* Heping is weaving bueatiful mats with corn husks                      * The newspaper made a comprehensive report of his Inspiring Story


As one of the first members of Chilture Studio of Disabled Artists, Heping Peng is a deaf and physically disabled peasant farmer living a cave room in a remote village of Shanxi Province in China. In addition to being a talented craftsman of corn-husk woven mats, Master Pent is a big fan of literature subscribing to, reading and contributing to several magazines and newspapers on a regular basis for years and lives on the incomes from one third hectare of farmland.


Master Peng got deaf when he was 12 years old during a medical accident to treat his fever. Misery loves company. Soon after that, his right leg got a serious sore and the poor family had not enough money to have him cured and he ended up as a lame person. He has since quit school, working on the field in day time and reading books at night.


When Chilture’s team first paid a visit to Master Peng, they found in amazement piles of books, newspapers, magazines scattered on his bed. They wrote on paper to communicate on matters from Chinese history, literature to politics and economy. Master Peng’s profound thoughts on all these fields impressed the team a lot, considering he’s been confined to the overlooked mountain village for nearly fifty years. He wrote: “Green should and will be the theme of future economy ofChina; otherwise the booming Chinese economy can’t go far.”


However, literature never brings him money and the farmland incomes are meager, he decided to learn a skill to make a living. After several times of walking to a craftsman in a town dozens of miles away from his own over twenty years ago, he was finally apprenticed to learn weaving mats from corn husks, which simply turned out to be lacking a significant regular customer base in rural parts of China. So fat has left Heping living in a cave room alone. But Mr. Peng wrote: “I don’t believe in fate. I‘ll keep honing my skills and I believe people out there somewhere will someday appreciate my crafts, which are natural, pollution-free and environment-friendly, being entirely handmade (from husks of corn), intricately woven, with personalized designs and patterns (custom sizes also available), designed to meet various customers’ life and work circumstances.” Master Peng does have a sharp eye.


Are You Capable of Wholesale?


Yes. We have a collaborative manufacturer based in Shandong Province with a manufacturing capability of 100 high quality personalized and handmade custom corn-husk crafts a week. As a supportive and sponsoring deed for Chilture, our collaborative factory will have 10% of proceeds from each sale go back to the fund of Chilture Cares dedicated to helping tap, train and financially support countless talented Chinese disabled artists and craftsmen.


Contact Us


At present, we cater to wholesale dealers as well as individuals with bulk orders. For more information related to quotation, product specifications, shipping, etc, you are welcome to contact us (wholesale@chilture.com).

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