Happiness and Luck Chinese Chicken Painting Wall Scroll

Happiness and Luck Chinese Chicken Painting Wall Scroll
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Animal Painting
  • Model: CPAP0004
  • Created by Artist: Lingxue
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This is not a Print! This custom original Chinese chicken painting artwork is 100% hand-painted by our talented artist.


About This Chinese Chicken Painting Artwork Wall Scroll


Happiness and Luck chinese letters

Happiness and Luck


Chinese chicken paintings artwork scroll for sale

Close up view of this family of rooster art in Chinese brush painting


* Painting Size: 40" x 20" (100cm x 50cm), Length of Silk Scroll: 65" (164cm), Width of Wooden Scroll Roller: 27" (67cm);


There are four chicks and a hen and rooster painted on handmade rice paper, they have colorful. The first four characters on the right mean happiness and good future (xìng fú jí xiáng in Chinese pinyin). The others on the left are the personal inscription of our artist’s signature and time of creation.


Chicken Talisman


In old days the Chinese had the habit of pasting or painting chicken talismans on the doors of their dwellings on the lunar New Year's Day. This habit is still very much alive today in rural areas in Shaanxi Province in northwest China.


An ancient Chinese belief regards the chicken as the variant or emblem of the sun. Thus to paste a talisman in the image of a chicken is like having the sun on the door. The habit gives indirect expression to people's longing for the advent of spring. Chinese ancients also believed that the chicken talisman can help ward off the dismal impact of demons.


From this connection between the chicken and the sun, the ancients gave wings to imagination and invented the image of the Heavenly Chicken that is always the first to announce the sunrise on a daily basis. The lunar New Year's Day is known as "yuandan", or the "first sunrise of the year", and it goes without saying that only the Heavenly Chicken is capable of knowing when the sun rises for the first time of the year and reporting the news to the mundane world. Pasting the chicken talisman on the door is actually a symbolism of the chicken and sun worship.


The chicken talisman is pasted up on the lunar New Year's Day because it is also the Day of the Chicken. As the classic The Book of Divination puts it, "The first day is the day of the chicken, the second day is devoted to the dog, the third day to the pig, the fourth day to the goat, the fifth day to the cattle, the sixth day to the horse and the seventh day to man." This matchup between animals and time was derived from people's understanding of space. Seven is the number of the universe to indicate the east, south, west, north, middle, upper and lower directions. East takes the number one position because it is the direction in which the sun rises and because it is also in accord with the first day of the week. Wood is the symbol for east, where the divine Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and peach trees grow. While the sun rises over the top of the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis tree, the chicken perches in the peach tree. This is why east is matched up with the chicken and becomes the symbol of the day of the first sunrise of the year. In that sense, the chicken talisman entails our remote ancestors' imagination of the universe and their way of keeping time.


About Chinese Art Painting Artist: Master Ling Xue


chinese brush painting artistMaster Ling Xue, born in 1955 and graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China, is acclaimed for her outstanding establishment in Gong Bi Chinese art painting, or the meticulous style of Chinese brush painting. Her painting subjects cover Chinese birds painting, Chinese flower painting such as the plum blossom Chinese painting and peony Chinese painting, and much more.


For over 30 years, Master Ling Xue uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delimit details very precisely from her own unique perspective as a woman artist. Her plum blossom and woman Chinese brush painting art works won her the Excellence Award for Asian Woman Painters. She was also awarded the first prize for her Chinese birds painting in Chinese Brush Painting Exhibition 1999.


Being distinguished in Chinese art painting, Master Ling Xue is always ready to help in a worthy cause. For each painting you buy from Master Ling Xue, 10% of the proceeds go back to Chilture Fund to tap, train and financially support talented Chinese disabled artists, as well as assist ordinary people with disabilities for treatment and rehabilitation.


About Mounted Chinese Painting Artwork


chinese chicken painting artwok wall scroll

Close up view of Chinese chicken painting artwork mounted to this white silk brocade and high quality of wall scroll, our artists recommend mounted this scroll with white silk, of course, you could choose gold silk or ivory silk.


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