an Inspiring Story Behind Fine Chinese Paintings

an Inspiring Story Behind Fine Chinese Paintings

Chinese painter Yanpeng Song, who are good at Chinese flower painting. He was born in a small county in Hebei Province in 1990, was an all-round student in his middle school. He ranked top ten in his class and aimed to go to a prestigious university in China. However, he often felt extremely weak and tired. After going to several hospitals, Song was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, a disease that results in severe weakness in the patient’s muscles and skeletons. Song’s family were told by the doctor that such disease is still incurable by today’s medication. Most patients who are diagnosed with this disease cannot even survive to their adulthood.


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Chinese Penoy Painting: Rich Blossoming (hua kai fu gui)


Song and his father left a prestigious hospital in Beijing after they heard this news. Song’s father carried Song on his back, treading to the bus station to return home. Looking at his father who was sweating all along the road, Song started to weep and thought, “I am only twelve years old and I still have a long way to go. I can’t let my father always carry me on his back like this. Even if I can’t live up to eighteen, I have to reach great achievement in the limited time of my life.”


Since then, Song made up his mind to conquer the disease. He dropped out of school to concentrate on curing his disease by ways such as taking western medicine, doing massage and receiving traditional Chinese medical treatment. Because such medical treatment would put a huge financial burden to Song’s family, Song decided to learn the traditional Chinese treatment and did massage as well as acupuncture on his own. He even managed to walk by himself. At first, he fell to the ground every time he tried to make a step forward, but gradually he could walk 100 meters and even 1000 meters independently. Surprisingly, Song’s disease didn’t worsen. Instead, he successfully celebrated his eighteenth birthday and lived well thereafter. “If I fall 100 times,” Song said, “I will stand up for 101 times. To stand up is to have hope. To have hope is to succeed.”


In 2006, Song decided to learn Chinese paintings and Chinese paper cutting art as he was always interested in art. We couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be for a disabled person like Song to learn fine arts, which requires great flexibility and physical capacity. Song never intended to give up his ambition and conquered numerous difficulties. With considerable determination and the help of his instructor, Song improved quickly in Chinese painting and paper-cut. He finally managed to independently create his own works of art at a high standard.


In 2008, Song’s work “Beijing Welcomes You” was selected to be exhibited in the first Global Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition. In 2009, his painting “Flying With a Broken Wing” received Outstanding Award from the National Art Competition for Disabled People in Celebration of the 60th National Day. In 2011, Song’s work “Together” received the Second Prize in the National “Yanhuang Cup” Traditional Chinese Art Competition. And last but not least, his work “Home” received the Gold Award from the first Contemporary Chinese Art Competition. Song was also invited to join China Paintings Photographer Association, a prestigious association for the most excellent Chinese artists.


Author: Yu Zhou


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