Writing Chinese Calligraphy Art with Mouth and Feet

Writing Chinese Calligraphy Art with Mouth and Feet

Ms. Xue is creating Chinese calligraphy art with her feet


She is 48 and has taken the amputation eight times since she lost her arms in a train accident at the tender age of 2. She has since then undergone unimaginable suffering but she never gives in to fate. With pains taking efforts she learnt to write and do housework with her mouth and feet. Both her Chinese pen and brush calligraphy leaves that of many of us far behind and she was incorporated a member of the top Association of Chinese Calligraphers. On top of that, she was cited as an excellent sportswoman after winning two gold medals. Among many titles people give her, she is called “A strong character in life” “The goddess of theDivineLand (of China)” “The Oriental Venus” “An angel with broken arms” “A model of self-improvement.”


A Chinese poet arising from the people wrote specially for her: With a life deprived of arms, you’ve written a road with your brush where you’ve strived along.


In 2005 and 2006, she was honored with such titles as “A Compassionate Figure for the Project Hope” “A Supporter of the Project Hope.”


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