a Giant Mini Chinese Calligrapher

a Giant Mini Chinese Calligrapher

Qiqing Chai , born in 1960, is physically disabled suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta congenita, a congenital brittle bone disease. He weighs less than 20 kilograms and stands just 70 cm. He only has his left hand movable yet he is self-educated and excels in Chinese calligraphy art, painting and seal cutting.


Mr. Chai is now quite accomplished in Chinese calligraphy art, painting and seat cutting. He once spent a year composing a 100-meter-long scroll of 10,000 same characters with different forms, all representing longevity. This piece of work has won the Special Award from Grand World Guinness. He completed his second project named One Thousand Characters of Dragon (Note: “Thousand” here is used to make up a round number) in 2008 to greet the Olympics Games in Beijing. The scroll has a length of 56 meters symbolizing the 56 nationalities in China and a width of 59 meters indicating the 59th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China that year. It incorporates 2008 characters of “dragon” in various forms among which there are 960 “dragon” characters compactly laid out in small font, which illustrate the integrity of the 9.6 million km2 of China’s territory. (Note: Chinese people believe dragons are sacred but not evil and they’re descendants of dragon.)


Mr. Chai was invited as a visiting professor of China Oriental Fine Arts Research Institute and a member of Sino-Japanese Calligraphers and Painters’ Association.

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