Overcoming Disability to Create Fine Chinese Calligraphy Art

Overcoming Disability to Create Fine Chinese Calligraphy Art

To fully grasp the kernel of the art of Chinese calligraphy symbols, one has to go through very hard repeated practice over a course of dozens of years in great patience. How can a disabled person paralyzed from waist down make it? Let’s look into disabled Chinese calligraphy artist Showxing Wang’s world.


Shouxing Wang, a disabled artist in Chinese calligraphy art and at the same time a renowned calligrapher, was born in a little town in Eastern China.


Before becoming a disabled calligrapher, he was a worker in a water conservancy unit in his hometown. When he was very young, he encountered a catastrophic accident in one fieldwork and it left him paralyzed from waist down. In one moment all his dreams vanished into thin air.


"Without my legs, what can I do?" said Mr. Wang. "I constantly asked myself."


From then on the only life he knew was the life of a person on a wheelchair. He saw no hope for himself and sometimes even considered ending his life. Thanks to the help of his families and friends, he gradually found the courage to live, though forever being confined to a wheelchair.


"Will I have to depend on other’s help for the rest of my life? I should do something meaningful,  so that my life is not worthless," he said.


chinese calligraphy artist with disabilty chinese characters calligraphy art

The Disabled artist, Master Wang, showing his calligraphy in Chinese with a wall of Chinese calligraphy hangings in the background, has been sitting in a wheelchair for more than 30 years after a catastrophic accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down.


With the help of his families and friends, he started to learn the art of Chinese calligraphy from Master Zhang and Master Liu. He was told that practicing Chinese calligraphy is greatly beneficial to people’s health through its balancing movement and adjustment of breath, as well as gives a lot of pleasure.


With the passing of time, he began to love this art form and gradually understand the true meaning of Chinese calligraphy-a blend art of Chinese literature, philosophy and training of the mind, not simply writing the Chinese calligraphy symbols or characters. However, practicing is hard, dull and time consuming. To be an excellent calligrapher, diligent practicing is a must. He told himself to be patient, to be calm, to be persistent. Experiencing thirty years’ painstaking practicing, his artistic skill began obtaining attention of his masters. They encouraged him to participate in contests in his county, then in his city. His works got countless awards.


In recent years, he has made a figure in the circle of Chinese calligraphy art. In the year of 1999, he became a member of the renowned house of calligraphy circle.


Master Wang, a versatile artist of disability, is artfully writing Chinese symbols to show his skills in Chinese calligraphy art and attentively playing some musical instruments.


"Initially, practicing calligraphy art lifted me out of the pain of losing legs, brought me consolation and gave me courage to face various difficulties in life, and I found new hopes. Now I believe in my future and I shall work harder and promote the Chinese calligraphy art to the world," he said. When he was interviewed by journalists with famous media and asked what it was like to practice the art of Chinese calligraphy these years.


chinese calligraphy art honor chinese calligraphy artist honor

There are part qualification and honors of Master Wang.


In addition to tremendous beautiful Chinese calligraphy scrolls and paintings Mr. Wang has created, he’s also a big fun of various kinds of musical instrument, such as the flute and harmonica.


Today, as the first artist to join Chilture Studio of Disabled Artists, Master Wang has regained control over his life and become a fulfilled Chinese calligraphy master. We wish him good health and happy life.

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