Engrave Life with Heart and Paint Future with Love

Engrave Life with Heart and Paint Future with Love

Disabled Chinese engraver Bin Yin was born with deformed arms and hands yet he’s talented in fine arts, graphic design, glass engraving solutions, engraving ideas, sandblasting, etching glass, and etching Asian art. Through over a decade of his experience in the fields of modeling, art glass engraving, crystal engraved gifts as well as the research and development, design of refined engraved jewelry and jade, Bin developed and invented his own style of custom engraving. Bin’s motto is “Engrave life with heart and paint future with love.”


Bin is a man of experience and had traveled extensively working on various positions from ordinary technician to chief engineer for the technique of engraving and carving before he got married and had his lovely daughter two years ago. 


"Before entering the field of glass engraving service, I had even been a laborer in an aluminum factory loading and unloading the white-hot liquid aluminum as any of my able-bodied co-workers, just to save enough money to travel to the south to learn and improve my engraving and carving skills." Bin said.



Bin also has a beneficent and charitable heart. During his travel and learning experience in the south, he came across a young girl in the street, a talented disabled singer, and soon they became bosom friends. But the girl was later forced to sing in bars and take lots of alcohol to cheer up which soon destroyed her vocal cords and could no longer sing again. Seeing this, Bin could do nothing to help and was extremely saddened. Bin even couldn't help crying when mentioning this to Chilture's other members.


"How I wish there was an organization then like Chilture to save my friend from degrading to that state!" Bin sobbed.


After going through many ups and downs in life, Bin is determined to join Chilture to better make use of his skills and talent in glass etching and engraving to help more talented disabled people like him. Bin is now responsible for gathering around talented people with disabilities in North China for Chilture Studio of Disabled Artists.


"I believe with a truly loving heart the world can be moved and the love can be passed to every single person," Bin said.


Below is more of Master Bin's engraving service and engraving ideas, in particular, his glass engraving solution.


About Engraver Bin's Technology


Bin's process of engraving is way above all other traditional ones in that the patterns and designs carved out with this process are exquisite beyond compare and the Chinese characters engraved are highly refined and graceful.


engraved dragon engraving art


About Engraved Materials


The materials used in the process of engraving consist of plaster, clay, grey brick, crystal, glass, porcelain, pottery, marble, jade, agate, to name a few. You can also see Bin’s selective works below:


engraved kuan kung eramic plate   engraved dragon porcelain plate

* Engraved Ceramic Plate: Kuan Kung A ceramic plate features Kuan Kung. Kuan Kung, also known as Kuan Ti, is the Chinese god of war. He protects and defends the oppressed and fights against all those who wish to take advantage from others. Besides this, he is one of the Chinese gods of wealth as well, helping people attract wealth and prosperity to their lives and homes whenever he is present in them.

*Engraved Two Dragons Playing with a Pearl A porcelain plate features two dragons playing with a pearl.


engraved ox porcelain plate   engraved ceramin plate chinese character dragon

* Engraved Porcelain Plate: Four Cows A porcelain plate features four cows in different gestures. Cows are believed to be honest, hardworking and perseverant inChina.

* Engraved Chinese Character Dragon: The character 龙(Dragon)finished in dozens of different scripts on a porcelain plate.


engraved glasses ashtrays engraving

* Engraved Four Different Patterns and the English Words 'Thank You'


engraved Chinese zodiac sign glass engraving

* Engraved The Twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs and Heart Sutra A set of 12 ashtrays features the twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs, or Chinese Animal Signs: Rat, Pig, Ox, Dog, Rooster, Monkey, Goat, Horse, Snake, Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger.


engraved Chinese seal

* Engraved Chinese Seal: Traditional Chinese Paintings Sculpted on the Four Sides.


Chinese seal engraving

* Engraved Jade Pendants / Collectibles: Various Auspicious Chinese Characters and Patterns  


engraved jade seal   Chinese zodiac sign jade engraving

* Engraved Jade Seal: a Motivational Chinese phrase 'Hou De Zai Wu' on one side, meaning 'Honesty and virtue carries one far'.

*A set of jades features Chinese animal sign characters in Jiaguwen characters originally used around 14th - 11th century BCE and carved on ox scapulas and tortoise plastrons. Jiaguwen is the oldest script of Chinese characters and is highly ideographic-a nice blend of pictures and language. Bin here used this script to represent the 12 Chinese animal signs. How many animals can you figure out? From top to bottom, right to left, they respectively represent rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.


engraved wine glasses goblet engraved stones mao tse tung

* Engraved Wine Glasses / Goblet: a Feather Sculpted on the Outer Wall

* Engraved Stone: Mao Tse-tung


About Engraved Patterns / Designs


The patterns that apply to these materials are also various, which usually involve auspicious and motivational Chinese characters, decorative patterns and animal icons featuring traditional Chinese culture. Below are some of the representative patterns:  


engraved chinese character calligrapy   engraved tiger    engraved dragon clip artengraved fish

 * Chinese Characters Calligraphy             *Tigers                               *Dragon                   *Fish


   engraved cloud clip art    engraved photo engraving

    *Auspicious Cloud     *Photo (Figure: This is Bin himself)


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