Spirit / Qi / Chee Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll

Spirit / Qi / Chee Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll

Price: $29.88

Date Added: 10/01/2012 by Jackie Self
I ordered scrolls for my martial arts tournament to be presented to the winners of the forms competition. I was so pleased with the work. The craftsmanship was top of the line and the artist calligraphy was beautiful. The recipients of the scrolls were highly impressed. Chilture kept me informed every step of the way. Letting me know the progress of the scrolls and when they would be shipped. The open communication between myself and Duane was very refreshing. The scrolls arrived on my birthday with a special scroll just for me to celebrate that day. It was beautiful and I cannot thank them enough for this wonderful gesture. You cannot go wrong using Chilture Studio of Disabled Artists.
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