Man and The World Original Chinese philosophy Painting

Man and The World Original Chinese philosophy Painting
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Philosophy Painting
  • Model: CPA0002
  • Created by Artist: Shuai Liu
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This is not a Print! 'Man and The World' Original Chinese Painting art work is hand-painted by our Disabled Artist.


About 'Man and The World' Chinese Painting ArtWork


Approximate Measurements
Standard Size: 40cm x 30cm ≈ 15.7" x 11.8"


Titled Man and the World, this is no more than a picture for children at first look but it represents Shuai’s outlook at the world if you use your perceptiveness.


It contains five people-a man(in the upper left corner), an old man, a child, a woman and an ordinary person(in the middle) which stand for five types of life. Surrounding the man are a building, a car, a raised thumb and a chair, which respectively symbolizes the a decent abode, the superior lifestyle and the power that men are generally seeking after; surrounding the old man are peaches, an armchair, a bike and a clock, which respectively symbolizes longevity(in China), peaceful life, a healthy body and memories of the past that old people are longing for; surrounding the child are a house, a cot, a feeding-bottle and a doll, which respectively symbolizes a cozy home, dreams and fancies, yummy food and a colorful childhood that children are dreaming of; surrounding the woman are heart, a diamond, an umbrella and a mirror which respectively symbolizes the perfect love, sumptuous stuff, a harbor to hide and beauty that women tend to find necessary; surrounding the ordinary person are silver ingot, a rose, a crown and a book, which respectively symbolizes money, love, social status and knowledge that ordinary people pursue all their life.


Looking at the world from each position of the five individuals, we think everybody lives a varied and complete life. And then looking at it with a vast perspective, we find everyone lives in his own corner of the world and has his own things around. There are a great many things (not surrounding the five people in this painting) far from them which they can never view clearly or fully experience.


About The Talented Disabled Artist: Shuai Liu



--- an Inspiring Story of Perseverance and Courage


“What should we do now without your brother?” Shuai’s mother asked when his elder brother, the only bread earner of the family was killed by a traffic accident. “You will not be left alone mum. I’ll support you and dad selling my paintings in the future.” Shuai comforted his parents.


Shuai Liu is a budding Chinese painter of traditional Chinese painting fighting cerebral palsy since birth. Confined to his bed and wheelchair in a small backward village in North China, Shuai is self taught in painting and could occasionally receive instructions from some local renowned painters. Shuai paints left-handed on rice paper and mainly works with black and colored ink and uses both the two main techniques in traditional Chinese painting artwork - Shui Mo, freehand or watercolor or brush painting, and Gong Bi, meticulous or court-style painting.


In spite of years of obscurity and the isolation of his village, Shuai has successfully held a small exhibition in his county and won a second prize in an arts competition for the disabled in Hebei Province of China. View More Story


chinese-painting-art-exhibit chinese-painting-exhibition

( Exhibition of Chinese Art Paintings by Shuai Liu )


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