Original Chinese 8 Horses Painting Wall Art

Original Chinese 8 Horses Painting Wall Art
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Horse Painting
  • Model: CPHP0005
  • Created by Artist: Mojun Da
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This is not a Print! Custom Chinese galloping horses painting artwork is hand-painted by our talented artist.


About Chinese 8 Horses Painting Wall Art Work


ba jun tu chinese characters

Eight Galloping Horses


8 horses painting chinese wall art

Close up view of this original eight horses art in Chinese brush painting


* Large-sized Painting Size: 54" x 28" (135cm x 70cm), Silk Border: 62" x 32" (165cm x 82cm);


It’s amazing what one brush stroke can convey in Chinese painting!

Three characters nearby horses painting on the top left mean 8 horses painting (ba jun tu in Chinese pinyin). The others are the personal inscription of our artist’s signature and time of creation.


Horses are a traditional Chinese art subject because they have very positive symbolism in China, and in Feng Shui. It has the meaning of horses coming bringing success. In China horses are a symbol of power, endurance, beauty freedom and passion.


It has the special meaning of success in your career (“Horses Come and Bring Success” is the saying on many of them).


Display the galloping horses high up coming into your home, important rooms or office. Putting these horses in the southern sector of your living room or family area brings rising success to you and your family. Take notice of the direction of the horses to pair with your own direction of success to have an excellent match.


Horse Dream Meaning


Dreaming yourself riding a horse may indicate that you are going to see a project or event to successful conclusion. Dreaming yourself falling off a horse indicates that your are nervous about the event or project you have scheduled. If you dream a horse with reins, tied with ropes, pulling a wagon, etc., indicates that you are feeling restricted in your life and desire more freedom. Dreaming a bucking horse indicates a need to break old habits.



* This Chinese 8 horses painting artwork does not include framing but is Ready-to-Frame, just giving you more options for your own personalized framing ideas.

* Avoid hanging horses painting in toilets and kitchen. They symbolize stables in the olden days and it means to have your horses grounded.


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