Original Chinese Galloping Horse Painting Wall Art

Original Chinese Galloping Horse Painting Wall Art
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Horse Painting
  • Model: CPHP0002
  • Created by Artist: Mojun Da
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This is not a Print! Custom Original Chinese running horse painting artwork is hand-painted by our talented artist.


About This Chinese Galloping Horse Painting Wall Art Work


long ma jing shen chinese characters

The Vigour of a Dragon or Horse


Vigorous Spirit Chinese Galloping Horse Painting

Close up view of this original horse art in Chinese brush painting

* Large-sized Painting Size: 54" x 28" (135cm x 70cm) Silk Border: 62" x 32" (165cm x 82cm)

Some characters nearby horses painting are the personal inscription of our artist’s signature and time of creation. The others four characters on the right mean the vigour of a dragon or horse -- vigorous spirit of the aged; full of vigour [vitality] (lóng mǎ jīng shén in Chinese pinyin).


In China, the first evidence of horses comes from the “Longshan culture”. Several fire pits dating at about 5000 BCE were excavated in Miaodigou (Henan Province) and found to contain the remains of horses. It is believed that these horses were used for mystical sacrifices and domestic purposes. During the Shang Dynasty (1600 – 1100 BCE), horses were entombed with thier owners to pass over with them into the afterlife. This practise was then replaced with a more humane way for an emperor to “protect or defend” his mausoleum. 1000 years ago, hunting, polo matches and horse performance were already popular activities in the Tang dynasty. Lifelike figures of saddled horses as well as the riders in the Terracotta Army unearthed from the mausoleum of Qinshihuang emperor (r.221 – 210 BC) clearIy indicate the contemporary features of the warhorses and their horsemen.


China invented three of the most important innovations in equestrian history: the horse collar, the stirrup and a reliable and effective harnessing system based on the breast strap. The artistic efforts of Mongolian were channeled into portable works of art such as, bridles, saddles and personal jewellery. They were superb horsemen. Until today, the Mongols spend much of their lives on horseback.


Silk had been traded for horses during the Han Dynasty (157 – 87 BCE). However, China faced several periods where horses were of short supply. Tea was the commodity of trade during the Song Dynasty (681 – 907 CE), and so began the history of “Tea for Horses” markets. Tea production was controlled by China and they attempted to maintain the prices of tea at an artificially high level in order to acquire more horses. During the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 CE), these markets were again used when horse populations were once again depleted.


Note: This Chinese galloping horse painting wall art work does not include framing but is Ready-to-Frame, just giving you more options for your own personalized framing ideas.


Our artists recommend this artwork is mounted with white silk brocade, of course, you could choose gold silk or ivory silk.


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