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Image Policy

Own photo studio cost thousands of dollars of various photography equipment. Please pay your respect to our arduous work and copyrights. But, we are liberal in the purpose of personal use of our images written in our policy..


Personal use:
You are allowed to use any image from our website for non-commercial uses (including images of our artwork on their MySpace or FaceBook and Youtube pages). You MUST include a link back to our website: or directly to the page where you found the image on our website


Commercial use:
If you intend to use an image for a commercial purpose, please get in touch with us first. In most cases, in accordance with Chinese copyright law, if you own the original artwork, you also own the rights to use of the image of that artwork (with some limitations). Therefore, in most cases, the solution is to buy the original artwork from our website shop, and then you are allowed to use the image for your commercial purposes.


Kind notes for Expression restrictions:
You may not misrepresent the origin or other information about the images or the artwork depicted.
You may not post any image from our website on eBay for any purpose whatsoever (we preserve the right to sue you).


Please note that I am not a lawyer, and am just reminding you of information that I obtained from an expert in this field. We do not assume any liability for any legal issues that may arise from your use of such images, while I doubt that you would ever encounter any problems. 

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