Peony Original Chinese Painting Art Work

Peony Original Chinese Painting Art Work
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Birds / Flowers
  • Model: CPBF0003
  • Created by Artist: Shuai Liu
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This is not a Print! This Original 'peony' Chinese painting art work is hand-painted by the talented disabled artist.


About 'Peony' Chinese Painting Art Work


Approximate Measurements
Standard Size: 50cm x 50cm ≈ 19.7" x 19.7"


A freehand style of Chinese painting-peony: Steeped in Spring Wind. The peony was regarded as a symbol of glory, wealth, prosperity and so on. Therefore, the peony painting is the top choice to hang in rooms for auspicious requirements.


They are especially suitable for hanging in your living room, bed-room (couples). It is appropriate to hang peony painting southward or northward in your room. According to the Chinese Theory of Five Elements, peony is boiled down to “wood” (mu). The North is the source of “water”(shui) in the light of geomantic theory (feng shui). Wood become flourishing because of water. And the South is the converging place of “fire” (huo) in the light of geomantic theory. Hanging southward just borrow the prosperous meaning of wood make a fire. Due to the West is boiled down to “metal” (jin), “metal” would restrain “wood”, so it is not proper to hang westward.


About The Talented Disabled Artist Shuai Liu: The Inspiring Story of Perseverance and Courage



Shuai Liu is a budding Chinese painter of traditional Chinese brush painting fighting cerebral palsy. Confined to his bed and wheelchair in a small backward village in North China, Shuai is self taught in painting and could occasionally receive instructions from some local renowned painters.


Shuai paints left-handed on rice paper and mainly works with black and colored ink and uses both the two main techniques in traditional Chinese painting-Shui Mo, freehand or watercolor or brush painting, and Gong Bi, meticulous or court-style painting.


The green-color landscape paintings are among Shuai’s unique styles. Shuai has various inspirations: a memory, a vision, an image, others’ paintings, a villager, his mom and dad, a cat or dog, swallows nesting under the roof of his house, and even himself. Therefore, the subjects of his paintings vary much.


Shuai was born in 1989, suffering from cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair since his childhood. Despite many adversities of life, Shuai has never yielded to it. Being not able to attend school, he asked his mother to borrow textbooks to teach him to read. Then he got a dictionary and started teaching himself. This well-thumbed dictionary was still seen beside him on his bed. Propping himself up on his elbows in bed, he was reading amongst some wasted painting slips.


At the age of 10, Shuai started painting when one day his father picked up a crayon in the street and brought to him back home. “I soon lost myself in the pleasure of painting and found it a way to express my inner world,” Shuai said.


When he paints, he has to sit in his shabby wheelchair and have his atrophied legs tied to the wheelchair with the help of his father. “I can’t stretch out my fingers fully and my hands tremble when painting so I have to lay my wrist on an ink box.” Shuai said, “I’m left-handed as my right hand is much worse than my left one.” For all these limitations, Shuai paints three to four hours every day.


Shuai mainly works with black and colored ink and uses both the two main techniques in traditional Chinese painting-Shui Mo, freehand or watercolor or brush painting, and Gong Bi, meticulous or court-style painting.


Shuai teaches himself painting by reading theory and instruction books, copying excellent outstanding artworks in history and the present day, videos online and could occasionally receive instructions from some visiting renowned painters from his county.


Traditionally, as a painter of Chinese painting, the artist must be versed in literature as well if he wants to be an accomplished painter as Chinese painting has long been a means to expressing thoughts of great scholars down the ages. Shuai knows this well. He reads in a wide range and keeps writing down his thoughts. Here is a short note by Shuai: “Immersed in the painting for over a decade, how many hot and cold times have gone? Fingers tremble with the cold bed in winter and in summer shirts get wet and dry. Every single dot and line are painted in heart. My brushes and ink move and flow as days extend.”


chinese-painting-art-exhibit chinese-painting-exhibition

( Exhibition of Chinese Painting Art by Shuai Liu )


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