Personalized Engraved Glass Beer Mug / Beer Stein

Personalized Engraved Glass Beer Mug / Beer Stein
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Beer Mugs / Steins
  • Model: EG0003
  • Created by Artist: Bin Yin Team
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Free personalized engraved glass beer mug / beer stein with Mountain & Sea pattern, your text or any Chinese character etc.


Top dia:7.3cm, H:14cm, Base dia:8.2cm
-Dishwasher safe
-Ideal as housewarming, wedding, graduation, birthday parties


About Engraved Glass Beer Mug Design & Online Engraving Service


We offer you very attractive free services and competitive price: ● Free design ● Free engraving ● Free translation ● Qty discounts off price.


Our personalized mountain & sea beer mugs give each of your close friends a classic way to make a toast to the man / lady of the evening. Now everyone can enjoy a great day or night with a large drink and celebrate a joyful get-together. Your Engraved Glass Beer Stein is a Large, High-Quality Chinese Arc glass mug. Each Personalized crystal clear glass mug contains a heavy base and strong handle to support large drinks. Choose to keep the mountain & sea pattern or replace it with any other unique pattern from our Clip Art Library, or with your own pattern in vector format or some funky, loving words in English or translated to Chinese by us. Clipart Library.


The Inspiring Story Behind Amazing Engraving Art - About Talented Disabled Engraver: Bin Yin


talented disabled engraverengraved ceramics gift

Disabled Chinese craftsman Bin Yin from Chilture Studion of Disabled Artists was born with deformed arms and hands yet he’s talented in fine arts, design and sculpture. Through a decade plus of his experience in the fields of modeling, art glass engraving, engraved crystal gifts and the research and development, design and refined sculpture of jewels and jades, Bin developed and invented his own style of engraving Asian art. Bin’s motto is “Sculpt life with heart and paint future with love.”


Bin is a man of experience and had traveled extensively working on various positions from ordinary technician to chief engineer for the technique of engraving and etching before he got married and had his lovely daughter two years ago. Bin told Chilture: “I have even been a laborer in an aluminum factory loading and unloading the white-hot liquid aluminum as any of my able-bodied co-workers, just to save enough money to travel to the south to learn and improve my sculpture and carving skills. "


Bin also has a beneficent and charitable heart. During his travel and learning experience in the south, he came across a young girl in the street, a talented disabled singer, and soon they became bosom friends. But the girl was later forced to sing in bars and take lots of alcohol to cheer up which soon destroyed her vocal cords and could no longer sing again. Seeing this, Bin could do nothing to help and was extremely saddened. Bin even couldn’t help crying when mentioning this to Chilture’s other members. “How I wish there was an organization then like Chilture to save my friend from degrading to that state!" Bin sobbed.


After going through many ups and downs in life, Bin is determined to join Chilture to better make use of his skills and talent to help more talented disabled people like him. Bin is now responsible for gathering around talented disabled people in North China for Chilture Studio of Disabled Artists. “I believe with a truly loving heart the world can be moved and the love can be passed to every single person,” Bin said.


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