Remember Ancient Quotes Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll

Remember Ancient Quotes Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll
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Ancient Quotes
  • Model: AQC0007
  • Created by Artist: Shouxing Wang
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This is not a Print! This custom unforgettable quotes in Chinese calligraphy art scroll hanging is created by talented disabled artist.


About 'Remember Quotes’ Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll Artwork

remember quotes chinese characters calligraphy art


Approximate Measurements:
Length of Silk Scroll: 66" (167cm)
Width of Wooden Scroll Roller: 19" (48cm)


Traditional Chinese Characters & Pinyin

Remember Quotes Chinese characters


Simplified Chinese Characters & Pinyin

Remember Quotes Chinese characters


This comes from Li Bai quotes, and kè gǔ míng xīn means imprint (on) the bones and inscribe on the memory -- heartfelt; engraved in the bones and printed on the heart -- eternal gratitude; gratitude for a kindness impossible to forget; inscribe (a debt of gratitude) on one's mind [in one's heart]; remember with gratitude to the end of one's life; be engraved on one's bones and heart -- to be remembered with deep gratitude; be inscribed in one's heart; fix indelibly sth. in one's memory; make a deep impression; (Your kindness) is engraved on my heart.


Vertically, on the side next to the main characters.

Note: Firstly, this looks best with selections that have multiple characters. Secondly, these are Chinese calendar and writer, it could add an inscription such as a special wish or salutation.


About Li Bai


Li Bai (Li Pai; pinyin: Lǐ Bái; Wade–Giles: Li3 Pai2, 701 – 762), also known as Li Bo (Li Po; pinyin: Lǐ Bó; Wade–Giles: Li3 Po2), was one of the most acclaimed poets in the history of Chinese poetry.


Li Bai was a prolific and creative poet who stretched the rules of versification of his time. Around a thousand poems attributed to him are extant today. Li Bai's poetry has been much esteemed from his lifetime through the present day in the Chinese culture area and in other parts of the world. Thirty-four of his poems are included in the canonical 18th-century anthology Three Hundred Tang Poems.


About Talented Disabled Artist: Shouxing Wang


chinese-disabled-calligraphy-artistHow many years does it require to be a great master of Chinese brush calligraphy? 20 to 30 years. Shouxing Wang is from a village in Shandong China and actively lives with paralysis from waist down for nearly thirty years. To fight fate, he developed an interest in Chinese calligraphy art, which is believed to have a very similar effect to Chinese Taichi, cultivating the mind and morality. Now after nearly thirty years of practice, Mr. Wang has won various art competitions and can skillfully master all scripts of Chinese character calligraphy, namely, zhuanshu(seal script), lishu(clerical script), kaishu(regular script), xingshu(running script/semi cursive script) and caoshu(cursive script/grass script).


In addition to Chinese calligraphy art, Master. Wang is also a big fan of various kinds of musical instrument, such as erhu and flute. Master. Wang said, “Life is not fair but you make it fair with your effort and attitude.”


"Initially, practicing calligraphy lifted me out of the pain of losing legs, brought me consolation and gave me courage to face various difficulties in life, and I found new hopes. Now I believe in my future and I shall work harder and promote the calligraphy art form." he said. When he was interviewed by journalists with famous media and asked what it was like to practice calligraphy these years. View More Story


How to Write Remember Quotes in Chinese Calligraphy Art on Wall Scrolls


chinese-disabled-calligraphy-artistmounting-chinese-calligraphy-artchinese calligraphy art wall scrollchinese calligraphy wall scroll


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