Surplus, Large Chinese Koi Fish Painting Art Wall Scroll

Surplus, Large Chinese Koi Fish Painting Art Wall Scroll
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Koi Fish Painting
  • Model: CPFP0004
  • Created by Artist: Lingxue
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This is not a Print! Original Chinese painting koi fish scroll hanging is 100% hand-painted by our talented artist.


About Chinese Fish Painting Wall Scroll Artwork


nian nian you yu chinese characters

Surplus Year after Year


Approximate Measurements

Painting Size: 48cm x 91cm ≈ 18.9" x 35.8"

Silk Border: 57cm x 138cm ≈ 22.4" x 54.3"


chinese fish painting art wall scroll chinese fish flowers painting art

Two close up views of this Koi Fish Painting mounted to the silk brocade wall scroll. The one on the left shows how the whole wall scroll looks like hanging on the wall. At a closer look, you can feel the breeze brushing the leaves, and in the wind you can smell the flowers. In such a harmonious setting, the two koi fishes are swimming freely and peacefully. You will also find the irregular grain and tiny spots on this special kind of xuan paper. This is intended for the antique feel of the art work.


Fish is an expression of abundance in Chinese culture because the Chinese symbol for fish is 鱼(yu2) which sounds exactly like “余” that means “abundance". This is a “visual pun” or what’s known as a rebus. Rebuses are plentiful in Chinese culture because the multiple tones of the Chinese language (e.g. there are 4 tones in Mandarin) allows for many puns.


This Chinese Koi Fish painting of two koi fishes represent harmony, love, happiness and peacefulness in your home.


The four main Chinese characters in the top right corner of this Chinese koi fish painting are “年年有余” which reads “nian nian you yu”. The first two repeated characters mean “every year”; the third means “have” or “has” and the last one means “abundance” or “surplus”. So together they are a proverb meaning “There is surplus every year”. The two lines next to these four characters are the artist’s signature and the time of this Chinese koi fish painting.


A full day of work went into this piece. The attention to detail really shows. This is the kind of art that you will be proud to hang on your wall....


You simply can't appreciate the beauty of this piece in the small picture on this webpage.


chinese brush painting fish art

A partial close up view of the two koi fishes. Wow, they are really like lovers. The red koi fish is caressing the black one with her mouth.


chinese flowers painting art hand painted chinese fish painting artwork

The detailed yellow flowers, old branches and green leaves in this koi fish painting just set off a very peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Here is Molly, a loyal supporter of Chilture, volunteering to model for this Chinese koi fish painting after a big snow in Beijing. She got a cold after this photographing. As you can see, this is a large-sized wall scroll that will look great in your home.


Koi Fish Painting in relation to Feng Shui


Feng Shui is the art of creating a healthy balance of our lives and environment. In Chinese “Feng” is Wind and “Shui” is Water. These are the two natural elements that flow and circulate freely on earth, creating a Life Energy known as ‘Chi’ that shapes our living environment.


The ‘Chi’ energy can be found in various forms identified as “5 elements” i.e. Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.


These five elements work together to establish a healthy flow of ‘Chi’ through space which brings balance and harmony to the environment, whether it is your home or office.


There are many symbols used in Feng Shui. Fishes are one of them. Koi Fish Paintings have been depicted in Feng Shui Paintings throughout the centuries.


Besides being a joy to look at, my Koi Fish Paintings may help to improve one’s overall luck by harnessing the power of Feng Shui.


A very common place where you may find Koi Fish Paintings are in the Chinese Restaurants. The next time you are dining in one, keep an eye on the wall paintings or decor. You can most certainly find some kind of Koi fish decor. Displaying Koi Fish Paintings in restaurants bring abundance in wealth.


Koi fishes are also known as living jewels of the pond. Our Koi Fish Paintings attempt to capture these alluring Koi fishes in their graceful nature. With their vibrant colors and graceful motions, the Koi fishes make excellent Koi Fish Paintings.


Story Behind Koi Fish - DRAGON’S GATE


According to Chinese legends, there once were 9 Koi fishes, swimming upstream in the Yellow River heading towards the Dragon’s Gate.


To get to the Dragon’s Gate, they had to endure lots of hardships and struggles. Along the way, they had to swim against strong currents and rapids to get upstream.


Finally, when they reach their destination, the last hurdle was to jump over the Dragon’s Gate. A feat that is almost impossible to achieve. With pure determination and tenacity, the Koi fishes succeeded in jumping over the Dragon’s Gate, and they were all transformed into magnificent Celestial Dragons.




Koi fishes became a symbol of determination and success. Develop a “Never give up” attitude. In times of adversities, keep looking ahead and walk towards the sun and you will never see the dark part of the shadow.


Hard work and determination will carry you through and with a little luck on your side, eventually you too, will reach your destination…Your very own Dragon’s Gate!


About Chinese Art Painting Artist: Master Ling Xue


chinese brush painting artistMaster Ling Xue, born in 1955 and graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China, is acclaimed for her outstanding establishment in Gong Bi Chinese art painting, or the meticulous style of Chinese brush painting. Her painting subjects cover Chinese birds painting, Chinese flower painting such as the plum blossom Chinese painting and peony Chinese painting, and much more.


For over 30 years, Master Ling Xue uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delimit details very precisely from her own unique perspective as a woman artist. Her plum blossom and woman Chinese brush painting art works won her the Excellence Award for Asian Woman Painters. She was also awarded the first prize for her Chinese birds painting in Chinese Brush Painting Exhibition 1999.


Being distinguished in Chinese art painting, Master Ling Xue is always ready to help in a worthy cause. For each painting you buy from Master Ling Xue, 10% of the proceeds go back to Chilture Fund to tap, train and financially support talented Chinese disabled artists, as well as assist ordinary people with disabilities for treatment and rehabilitation.


Get a Satin Lined Gift Presentation Box


If you don’t mind paying an extra 10 dollars, select a fancy and antique looking gift presentation box to add a bit luster to your art work. The satin lined presentation boxes are available in two colors, golden and red, and are patterned with Chinese dragons and auspicious clouds outside. The color of the gift presentation box is random at delivery, unless otherwise specifically requested in the “Special Instructions or Order Comments” box at checkout.


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If you would like us to include a Free gift card in your gift box, leave a short message in the “Special Instructions or Order Comments” box at checkout. A professional calligrapher will hand write it in a fancy Chinese style gift card for free.

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