Vigorous Spirit Chinese Galloping Horses Painting Wall Scroll

Vigorous Spirit Chinese Galloping Horses Painting Wall Scroll
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Horse Painting
  • Model: CPHP0004
  • Created by Artist: Mojun Da
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This is not a Print! Custom Original Chinese painting of horses artwork is hand-painted by our talented artist.


About This Chinese Galloping Horses Painting Wall Scroll Artwork


long ma jing shen chinese characters

The Vigour of a Dragon or Horse


long ma jing shen Chinese paintings of horses scroll

Close up view of this original horse art in Chinese painting

* Large-sized Painting Size: 54" x 28" (135cm x 70cm), Length of Silk Scroll: 79" (200cm), Width of Wooden Scroll Roller: 35" (87cm);

There are three horses painted on handmade xuan paper, they have different colors and graceful movements. The first four characters nearby horses painting mean the vigour of a dragon or horse -- vigorous spirit of the aged; full of vigour [vitality] (lóng mǎ jīng shén in Chinese pinyin). The others on the left are the personal inscription of our artist’s signature and time of creation.


chinese horses painting wall scroll

Close up view of Chinese horse painting artwork mounted to this white silk brocade and high quality of wall scroll, our artists recommend mounted this scroll with white silk, of course, you could choose gold silk or ivory silk.


Horse in Chinese Culture


Horse is liked and admired by countless people all over the world because horses are strong, graceful, elegant, yet extremely powerful creatures. They lead soldiers into battle, pull the ploughs and served as people’s transportation prior to the invention of vehicles. Due to their natural companionship with man in both art and work, the Horse wins easily a special seat in history, ranking marks of honor, symbolism and reverence. You just would not be where you are today without these wonderful animals. Serving man in war, agriculture, productivity, mobility, development of all kinds, horse is considered to be one of the largest contributor to the enhancement of civilization.


As one of the symbols in the Chinese zodiac animals, the horse sign is equated with Gemini. Horse symbolizes energy in Buddhist religion. This strong animal also played a crucial role in the dominance and development of the Chinese Empire.


Horse Dream Meaning


Dreaming yourself riding a horse may indicate that you are going to see a project or event to successful conclusion. Dreaming yourself falling off a horse indicates that your are nervous about the event or project you have scheduled. If you dream a horse with reins, tied with ropes, pulling a wagon, etc., indicates that you are feeling restricted in your life and desire more freedom. Dreaming a bucking horse indicates a need to break old habits.


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